Moving images have fascinated us since their invention. Hardly any media influences us as much as movies do. Motion pictures give our fantasy free reign, they let us dream, they allow us to express our ideas and offer us the possibility to communicate with other people by overcoming nearly every border. […]

Movie Night

The ISWI 2017 Infobook contains the most relevant information on ISWI 2017 including group work topics and guidelines on the application process. You can download it here as a PDF. Feel free to send it to anyone who is interested or print it out!

ISWI 2017 Infobook available

Taste the world: an exciting journey through Earth’s cultures with plenty of tasty delicacies, traditional songs and dances – this is the World Food Festival. Meet interesting people from all over the world and dive deep into the culture of other countries. The ISWI World Food Festival invites you to […]

World Food Festival

Welcome to the ISWI 2017 page. Here you can find everything around the upcoming students conference. The site is constantly updated – stay tuned!